From dreams to reality, here’s the story
of the CEO and Founder Toufic Awad, P.E., MSc.

Embarking on his engineering journey in 2018, Toufic Awad, arrived in the United States with nothing but a dream and an unwavering drive to succeed. With no money, friends, or family to rely on, he faced the challenge head-on, determined to make his mark in the civil engineering field.

Against all odds, Awad climbed the ladder in the industry, working with top-notch companies worldwide. Now, as the proud founder of TWA ENGINEERING, he brings together the best practices and expertise from these industry giants.

At TWA ENGINEERING, we understand the value of dreams and the power of determination. We promise to deliver nothing but the finest design solutions and top-notch customer service.

Join us on this remarkable journey, and together, we’ll turn your visions into reality with innovation and precision, just as I once turned my own dream into a successful reality. Let’s build a future that exceeds expectations, starting from humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements.

About Shaping Structures, Elevating Standards

At TWA ENGINEERING, we specialize in tackling complex structural challenges for residential and commercial projects. With expertise in design solutions, rigorous integrity checks, and permitting, we deliver exceptional results. Our mission is to utilize our extensive skillset and knowledge to ensure the highest quality product for our clients.

About Engineering Excellence, Redefining Possibilities

At TWA ENGINEERING, we are driven not only by financial success but also by our commitment to creating a positive impact on society. By implementing sustainable practices, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to the betterment of communities. Our goal is to lead by example, demonstrating how engineering can shape a better future for all.

That’s Where Experience Meets Excellence

So, TWA ENGINEERING was born from a fusion of experience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. Our unwavering commitment lies in tackling intricate structural challenges, crafting outstanding projects, and upholding uncompromising standards of quality. By establishing ourselves as a trusted and respected firm, we strive to bring exceptional value to our clients and make a positive impact on society.

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